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Sustainable Procurement:

  • By working closely with procurement schedules, material submittals and approval to ensure all materials, eg. timber and steel, are procured in a sustainable manner and are in line with FSC/PEFC.

  • We work with products that minimise consumption of energy, water and non-renewable resources, while minimising the amounts of pollution resulting from the production and employment of building technologies.

  • We will work closely with 

The Client


Procurement teams 

to ensure the correct materials are procured in line with LEED/WELL and legislative requirements.

  • As part of LEED requirements, we request EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) which will demonstrate the environmental performance of a product and can be used to compare construction products at a building context level. A move towards procuring cleaner, more efficient plant and machinery that produce lower emissions will be adapted. Working with suppliers who are supplying dust and noise reduction equipment a much more environmentally friendly approach can be taken to carrying out works.

Germinated Plant
Recycling Bins

Waste Management:

  • A Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) will outline the types and volumes of waste and the methods of disposal. SWMP ensures waste is managed within current legal and industry best standards. Waste workshops with key supply chain partners will identify waste reduction measures and proper application of the waste hierarchy.

Across all our projects we adopt waste management protocols, reuse where possible and limit the use of harmful materials on the environment. Recycling and reusing of materials onsite where possible should be reviewed inline with the scope of works. Disposal of materials should be as a last resort if for whatever reason they are deemed unusable or cannot be recycled.

  • Signage on all waste bins on site. A dedicated waste monitor will check the waste and recycling bins are being adhered to daily to save any waste contamination.

Some initiatives we are currently putting in place:

  • Moving energy provider to 100% renewables in our head office

  • Installed energy efficient plant and equipment

  • Reduced use of generators

  • Reduce paper usage and printing - Document Management Software – Use of IPADS onsite , (Procore) 

  • Electric Plant on site

  • Hybrid/Electric Company Fleet, encourage bike to work schemes and car pooling were necessary.

Renewable Energy.Environmental protection, renewable, sustainable energy sources. The gree

Please reach out to us to discuss your next project or to request our brochure. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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