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St Pauls Square

The St Pauls parochial house project consisted of major conservation and refurbishment of the existing structure that had fallen into decay over the years. The property was redesigned from one building and split into 2 homes with the addition of split levels in both properties.

Previously the property was floor to ceiling. Now the property consists of open ceilings with a new master bedroom, located on a newly constructed split level with an en suite bathroom and large wardrobe space. The kitchen living area is spacious with its contemporary kitchen with all of today's mod cons. Insulated to the highest standards possible without compromising the character of the building and abiding by the strict guild lines of conservation practices.

The restoration of original windows, doors, ceilings, plaster, and steeple along with repairing the existing roof structure, The property is now fully restored and with modern practices, blended in with old techniques and built to the highest standard to now be repurposed to accommodate two new families to enjoy this stunning property for generations to come.

Value: 1.25 million


Main Contractor

Duration :

25 weeks


Please contact us for any more info

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